Simple steps you need to know about baking.


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Hello everyone!
Welcome to my very first blog post. Woot woot!

Bored? Looking for a new hobby? Curious cat? On a budget and want to DIY things?
Well you should definitely give baking a try! Here are the simple steps you need to do:

1. You need to have an oven. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. Sometimes, an oven toaster will do. You just need to find the right recipe. smile emoticon

When I first made a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday, I used a pancake mix and heated it in the microwave oven. And it turned out edible. Haha.

2. If you want to start from scratch, find a recipe that you want to try. If you are looking for a recipe on the Internet, ALWAYS read the comments. You’ll find loads of tips and quick fixes if you try that recipe.

If you are using a ready mix, you may want to check how to make it taste like a home made cake. Sometimes it’s as simple as using coffee instead of milk. 😉

3. Know how to FOLLOW instructions! In baking, exact measurement and ingredients are very crucial! One wrong measurement can ruin everything. If there is one thing you have to tweak, it would be the amount of sugar. (That is of you think that the sugar is too much for you)

4. Have your ingredients ready before you start. It is a lot easier and the chances of taking for granted an ingredient will be less.

5. Be creative! Let’s say you’re baking a cake.  Instead of putting your favorite chocolate on top of the cake when it’s done, you can mix it in the batter and bake it.  Or you can use chocolate chips with nips or M&M’s for your chocolate chip cookies instead of the usual chocolate chips. You just need to tap your creative side. 🙂

6. Never ever skip the preheating part. It is very important to preheat your oven or else it will have a negative effect on the baking process of your pastry.

See Chef David’s explanation here:

7. Patience. A lot of it. 🙂

8. Do not constantly open the oven door. That will release the hit and will make you add more of number 7.

9. Baking is really fun! But it can be messy too. Just in case, prepare yourself for some cleaning and dishwashing. (This is my most hated part.)

10. The most important part: Love. ❤ You have to put love into it. Tons of it. I can guarantee that you’ll produce delicious cakes in no time.

So there you go. Simple steps on how to start baking. What are you waiting for? Have fun baking!

Love love,
Roxy ❤

I did not have any culinary degree or training. Everything I learned about baking is self-taught. So everything that I shared to you is based from my experience. 🙂


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